D&D Next play test


The party found themselves accosted by a band of dwarves in Hammerfast while tracking a lead on the bandits harassing the trade route. As they surrounded us, Thallin said thusly, “What do you midgets want?” When one of them raised his cudgel, Thallin shot him through the neck, and it was on like Donkey Kong. Johnny Two Bits, eager to prove his value, quickly back stabbed some tiny fools. The rest of the party reluctantly entered the fray. Within seconds, the band of midgets were either dead or running for their lives. F*** you, dwarves.

They were then arrested for their “crimes,” and hauled off to jail. After a short time, they were visited by a well to do dwarf who offered them their freedom in exchange for eliminating a rival house. This meant killing the matriarch and all her heirs. We agreed, as the alternative was death or a life in the mines.

Using all the restraint we could muster, we entered the manor house without kicking in the doors. Once in the main hall, we were greeted by one of the manor sons. Leading him to believe we were there on business, he shared a table with us to discuss terms. JTB used this opportunity to murderate him from behind. As there were no witnesses, the party continued on into the next section of the house. We proceeded to kill several more family members in the dining hall, and another son in a bedroom.

We approached another room, only for it to be locked on us. The barbarian kicked in the door, sending a young elven girl flying across the floor. She was protecting the youngest heir, a small boy. Not having the desire to kill a child, we decided to help them escape. Before that could happen, we had to finish our task. Unfortunately, the matriarch had become aware of our presence and fled through a secret passageway.

Finding a hidden room ourselves, we were presented with three possible exits. We chose the one with the sound of running water. Once we entered, we could not turn back. We found that our path would force us to swim underwater for quite a distance, and that there were not enough swimming potions for everyone. Everyone made it out to the other side, save Thallin. His fate remains uncertain.


" Not having the desire to kill a child, we decided to help them escape" Yeah, because we always are good. Not that any of the people of Hammerfast deserve any help after the way we were treated.


HA HA the way you all were treated.

travcor travcor

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