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Arachnophyllic Shire Dwellers!

The adventure started with the Barbarian going swimming to try to retrieve the body of the elf who died last adventure. The same elf who started the fight by yelling “Hey, Midgets!” to a group of riled up dwarves. The barbarian pulled a Sean Bean and died on the attempt and we met up with landfill 2 and a second barbarian companion.

We decided to look for the evil halfling that had evaded us for so long. Not finding him outside Lowes we went to the old hideout.

Once we got there we found a few spiders. They were nasty but fairly readily dispatched.

That done, we heard noises from the mine. More spiders including a gigantic spider ridden by the alignment-challenged halfling.

The italian enough-rd then attacked us along with his 8 legged friends. A fierce fight ensued wherein we were attacked, damaged but we eventually overcame.

It is unknown, but suspected, that on their way back down the mine shaft on the way to hell that the uber-spider asked the halfling where we came from and the true midget answered that it was a RAID!!!!!


The party found themselves accosted by a band of dwarves in Hammerfast while tracking a lead on the bandits harassing the trade route. As they surrounded us, Thallin said thusly, “What do you midgets want?” When one of them raised his cudgel, Thallin shot him through the neck, and it was on like Donkey Kong. Johnny Two Bits, eager to prove his value, quickly back stabbed some tiny fools. The rest of the party reluctantly entered the fray. Within seconds, the band of midgets were either dead or running for their lives. F*** you, dwarves.

They were then arrested for their “crimes,” and hauled off to jail. After a short time, they were visited by a well to do dwarf who offered them their freedom in exchange for eliminating a rival house. This meant killing the matriarch and all her heirs. We agreed, as the alternative was death or a life in the mines.

Using all the restraint we could muster, we entered the manor house without kicking in the doors. Once in the main hall, we were greeted by one of the manor sons. Leading him to believe we were there on business, he shared a table with us to discuss terms. JTB used this opportunity to murderate him from behind. As there were no witnesses, the party continued on into the next section of the house. We proceeded to kill several more family members in the dining hall, and another son in a bedroom.

We approached another room, only for it to be locked on us. The barbarian kicked in the door, sending a young elven girl flying across the floor. She was protecting the youngest heir, a small boy. Not having the desire to kill a child, we decided to help them escape. Before that could happen, we had to finish our task. Unfortunately, the matriarch had become aware of our presence and fled through a secret passageway.

Finding a hidden room ourselves, we were presented with three possible exits. We chose the one with the sound of running water. Once we entered, we could not turn back. We found that our path would force us to swim underwater for quite a distance, and that there were not enough swimming potions for everyone. Everyone made it out to the other side, save Thallin. His fate remains uncertain.

Foggy with a chance of Pain

The group finds themselves in the ruins of the Elven city surrounded by the molten and charred remains of a once thriving town. The terrible horror shakes them to the core, leaving a reek of doom upon their minds. They can only plumb the shallow depths of despair before pulling themselves together to herd the village of werewolves to a safer location. The Black Dragon’s fury dogs their every step, and they decide to veer far from their home to avoid facing such sheer devastating power.

Thus their steps lead them to an ancient ruin shrouded by fog. Rumors abounded about the unsettling mist, but the truth proved that the bank was much larger than foretold. The mist thickened as the group moved deeper into the abandoned city. Many of the buildings were eroded with neglect and looting. A wall loomed out of the chill fog to block their progress into the town. It didn’t prove an obstacle for long, the damage to the defensive structure was extensive and a large breach made an easy access point. They continued into the deepening mist and began to notice an unnatural chill to the air. The sound of moving water drew their attention and like the sirens call beckoned them hither. From within the chill fog emerged a large fountain with water still cascading down the broken statue. As the group spread out to inspect such a strange find when a sudden attack from out of the mist drew blood from Garen, the dwarf. The creature bared teeth and claws and drank deep of the stout dwarf’s lifeblood. The party was divided and a separated herd is easy prey for a deadly predator, so they called out and formed up back to back to face their foe. The conniving vampire tried to divide and consume his meal, but found them too tough and was dispersed into the mist. The heroes tried to follow the form to it’s lair, knowing that it would return for vengeance if it made it to rest in the casket. But, the confusion of battle, mist and haste left the group floundering blindly, until Garen accidentally stumbled into the creatures crypt by way of a broken street opening. He quickly gathered his wits and will and laid waste to the sarcophagus before the mist form could enter it.

The wandering group managed to home in on the dwarf’s yelps of glee from finding the enemy and a large horde of treasure. The warm glint of gold played across the room, along with ancient treasures of power: a bronze suit of plate mail worn by the fabled Mages of Saroon, Gloves of Ogres Might, the Gauntlet of the Mountain King, Full Plate armor of the Defender, and and Elven Oath bow. They felt battle worn but well satisfied with their plunder, so a long rest was in order.

The next day dawned and the group outfitted themselves with the new looted items. Bernard the wizard donned the infamous armor and began to feel a strong pull toward the city center. The party decided to follow this magical call and see what portents it would reveal. They approached an ancient castle gatehouse, but before they could enter a large serpentine form unfurled from the chilling mist. It was a huge beast, armored serpent body, large fanged mouth dripping with acidic ichor, and fetid hot breath; it was a Behir. A foul and horrid beast of ancient times brought to life in front of them with hate in it’s burning eyes. The beast swallowed the foaming barbarian whole, but was tattered by the fury of Thallin’s assault with the Oathbow. Garen, Sigmund, and Bernard battered, blasted and bore into the creature with reckless abandon until it fell. The howling, flaming beast burst open with a roar from the emerging barbarian, Gronk.

The strange lure continued to pull them further into the fortress, almost as if challenging them to continue. The mists parted to reveal a glowing eldritch orb, with the figure of a female Mage of Saroon staring into it. She slowly turned, her slender form turning into the emaciated visage of vile undeath, a liche. With the wave of her hand fire engulfed the party, burning pain lancing through our heroes. The group struck back but were unable to reach her with their deadly assault. She slid to the side with ease and sent white hot plasma streaking across the room through the barbarian, knight and the wizard. To her surprise the staff of storms reflected the bolt of lightning back at her from the wizards hand. Unfortunately this inflicted more damage on Gronk and Sigmund. Her fortune rapidly dwindled when the warriors closed in around her. She used her corruptive touch attacks and finally a cloud of death formed around her. First Sigmund fell from the necrotic rot of her touch, then Gronk bleeding profusely called out for Bernard to strike and kill him with the Liche in his grasp. Thus, the wizard fueled with righteous rage called the fury of the storm cloud down upon them all. The liche was destroyed but with her remains laid Sir Sigmund and the fearless Gronk.

Wolvesbane, Dragonsbane, Headpain

We went back to the elven village and talked with the elders. They offered us 200 silver and a silvering of our weapons to rid them of the plague of Lycanthropes. We learned that silvering the weapons was good for one combat.

We journeyed off never knowing we would never see that 200 silver (or those elves) again.

As we neared the “hillbilly hovel” we saw smoke. We found their hut burned to the ground and 4 elves staked out near the ruin. We also tracks of what had to be a warhorse. We assumed that a monster hunter had ended those four long-haired friends of nature. We were wrong about that as well.

We followed the tracks of the war horse and found a campsite and more signs of battle. We moved further on and then camped ourselves. During the night we were attacked by 4 werewolves whom we dispatched. Unfortunately our sleep was disrupted and the Wizard and Cleric were unable to regain lost spells, but not too many had been used.

We moved out again in the morning and later we came upon a riparian bathing scene. A beautiful human female was bathing in the river. As we approached we set off a trap and were made weak and the cleric was knocked out.

The next few minutes were missed due to said unconciousness. This was probably for the best so that Fitzgerald did not have to hear his friends go on and on to this woman about his endeavours. Which, I can only assume, is what they did before kicking me awake again.

We spoke at length with the woman whom we learned is a daughter of the King of the South and is known as the Silver Lady. She had been tracking a group of werewolves whom they had driven from the south. When we asked if she was especially interested in the leader she told us she was not after “The Mistress of the Dragon” This made things of the last few adventures fall into place, especially why a black dragon was associated with a group of gnasty gnolls.

We also learned that the dragon is known as Asaphydraxis, the ruler of the Fens (this being the Witchlight Fens to the south)

This Mistress of the Dragon has not been the leader of these Lycanthropes that long, and her taking charges seems to coincide with this pack being more aggressive.

We furthermore learned that the four werewolves we found near the hillbilly hut were there to burn it and that the peaceniks had been taken away.

After much discussion it was determined that we would continue on to the Werewolf village. The Silver Lady did not accompany us, but did promise to release us into death quickly if we became were beings. (Nice lady)

We made our way back to the village where we found the hillbillies alive but captured, the mistress once again offered to make us part of the pack. We declined and combat ensued.

We fought 5 were wolves and the mistress. The wolves went down into Hades without too much of a fight, but the mistress used her vile magics upon us (note: These same spells when used by Bernard are no longer vile, but are instead wondrous. Ah, the advantage of being good!)

The mistress brought her eldritch lighting upon us and we were wounded. The Barbarian, looking taller, thinner and cleaner than last time, was actually hurt, which was a new thing. But he was healed and kept fighting. We saw that the leader had a staff on her that we had been searching for.

An air of weariness was surely stalking the woods for just as Fitzgerald was knocked out earlier in the day, the Mistress of the Dragon attacked us thrice and then took a nap.

At the same time, four more werewolves arrived to attack us but they were stifled.

As we continued to fight, Bernard moved forward and removed her head. We also noticed an amulet on her that flashed once her head was removed. Thus bearing her once again elven head he commanded the remaining werewolves to cease fighting and to attend to him.
They all resumed elven form.

We began to pack up the camp when we heard a horriffic roar from far off as Asaphydraxis learned of his mistress losing her head and roared in anguish (or perhaps in pleasure, who knows with dragons?)

Several of the werewolf/elves ran off on hearing this roar.

We returned to the elven village and found it destroyed in an acid bath. And our 200 silver along with it!

All together, not a bad adventure. We slew 9 Were Wolves, plus the mistress, we saved 4 hippies and perhaps earned the eternal enmity of a very powerful dragon. And we each got 150sp for our troubles and Bernard got the staff.

Hillbillies and Howling

We decided to leave Fallcrest to head to the Grey Downs and Winterbole Forest to see what was going on regarding the lost staff and the renegade problems with the elves. Our companion the Monk decided to wander the world considering life after his experiences with the Gnolls and Minotaur. We were joined by a dwarven barbarian who seemed perhaps a bit touched. But, maybe all barbarians are that way.

We approached the Wood Elves woods and waited to be contacted. We did not have to wait long.

We were welcomed by the Wood Elves even with our surly dwarven friend.

We learned that some Elven youths were living an unnaproved life style that was not considered normal by the Elves. We agreed to go and look into it.

We found a small cabin with Hillbilly Elves who smoked wacky weed and screwed like bunnies. We thought that they were relatively harmless so we spent the night (after passing out from their herbs) planning to go on our way the next day. During the night we were awakened by the sounds of many howling animals and the sounds of them moving through and attacking something. We remembered being told that these elven youth were “stirring up” animals.

We left the next morning and headed into the direction where we thought

We can across the scene of an attack and found a silver dagger and bits of bodies. We continued on.

As we went through the woods we found a large group of elves in a small village with a variety of sentient races tied to polls. The matriatrch of the clan began talking loudly while our own elf was trying to get into the village.

As her voice crescendoed sher sliced a goblin’s throat and drank the blood. Then the village began to turn as their curse of lycanthropy showed itself.

We bravely ran away but were caught by 5 of the werewolves as the Cleric could not outrun them.

The fight was nasty as they could only be killed by silver and only the Cleric had a silver weapon, the dagger. The party dished out a great deal of damage as the Cleric downed two and the rest of the part one each. The elven archer and the dwarf barbarian each put out lots of damage with normal weapons as did the Wizard with magic.

Passing the silver dagger around like a hash pipe amoung elven hillbillies we managed to defeat the group.

We then bravely moved out but were intercepted by the martriarch and several other lycanthropes. They offered to make us were creatures and to join their pack. We turned them down and were allowed to leave on the condition that we never return. We agreed and returned to the normal elves (if such a thing exists) and almost immediately decided to break our promise and go back but first we must gain silvered weapons!

Next week: Wolvesbane or Howling Mad?

Bounty Earned from the Gnoll hunt

For sake of easy record keeping the captain of the guard pays these bounties:

35 Gnolls x 10 silver each = 350 silver
plus 200 silver bonus for the Leader’s mask

for a total of 550 silver

The Gnolls and their MOOdy friend

We left Fallcrest and headed back to the gnolls hideout where our companions had been captured. With us were Bonk and Gronk, 2 Orogs from the mines.
On the way there, we met ande killed 4 gnolls. We then got to the hideout and killed another 9 gnolls. We were seriously wounded so we withdrew and returned to the large room. There were three ways out of the room. Way one was silent, way 2 had the sounds of barking and way three was the sound of metal on metal. We went down way three first.

We found our friends in cages with a minotaur jailer. Much fighting occurred and our Orog companions nearly died but we emerged VICTORIOUS. We then executed a very manly withdrawl back to Fallcrest to recover. The Orogs left to go back to the safer job of mining.

The next day we returned to the hideout and went down way one this time except we heard breathing.

The breathing was a massive black dragon!!! We executed a much less manly withdrawl and the cleric and dwarf nearly died. We took a short rest and went down way two.

There we found 6 more gnolls along with a gnoll shaman/wizardess and the gnoll leader.

In the first round the cleric hit the leader in the chest with a cross bow bolt for max damage. This would prove to be the last hit by a missle weapon for a long time.

The wizard quickly quickly put down 3 gnolls with an eldritch cloud. For his trouble we was attacked by the shaman.
The elf began the process of redoing the dungeon floor with arrows as he missed again and again.

The dwarf and the human fighter charged into combat, the human fighter doing quite well until being put down by the leader.

The Wizard took out 2 more gnolls and the dwarf killed the other.

This left the leader and the shaman (shawoman?)

Many shamanistic attacks and elf misses later, the dwarf killed the leader. The cleric had been reduce to doing nothing but healing the party. The wizard took out the gnolless, who put a whole new meaning the the term “dog wizard”

All together, we (with the Orogs at the first)killed 19 gnolls, 1 minotaur, 1 gnoll leader and one magic using bitch (in the literal sense)

We gained the following:
1 bone mask (leader)
1 set of chain mail (leader)
1 Great Axe (leader)
1 freaking Huge Axe (Minotaur)
19 long bows (gnolls)
19 battle axes (gnolls)
19 sets of leather armor (gnolls)

I know its only Rock n Gnoll but you're dead!
Four Men Enter, One Man Leaves

Upon returning to Fallcrest a portion of the party interested in earning some extra coin decided to eliminate the Gnolls in The Cloak Wood half a days ride west of town. Captain of the guard Nathan Faringray’s offer: 10 silver per Gnoll killed and a bonus of 200 silver for the death of the pack leader, proof being the presentation of the Bone Mask the lead Gnoll wears.

Early the next morning our brave adventurer set out from the Nentir Inn, west along the Kings Road.

Shortly after entering the wood the party was beset upon by a troll and after a quick but heated exchange the party continued in search of the Gnoll camp.

Outside of the encampment the group displaced a half a dozen skirmishers waiting in ambush but, not before alerting the rest of the Gnolls.

Into the depths of a ruined keep the four brave and financially motivated adventures. There they met fierce opposition one by one our heroes fell, Sir Sigmund first, then the monk, and shortly after the stalwart dwarf. Only after much hesitation the elven archer withdrew into the forest.

Separating your Wights from the Greys
or things to do in Fallcrest when you are undead

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