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Wolvesbane, Dragonsbane, Headpain

We went back to the elven village and talked with the elders. They offered us 200 silver and a silvering of our weapons to rid them of the plague of Lycanthropes. We learned that silvering the weapons was good for one combat.

We journeyed off never knowing we would never see that 200 silver (or those elves) again.

As we neared the “hillbilly hovel” we saw smoke. We found their hut burned to the ground and 4 elves staked out near the ruin. We also tracks of what had to be a warhorse. We assumed that a monster hunter had ended those four long-haired friends of nature. We were wrong about that as well.

We followed the tracks of the war horse and found a campsite and more signs of battle. We moved further on and then camped ourselves. During the night we were attacked by 4 werewolves whom we dispatched. Unfortunately our sleep was disrupted and the Wizard and Cleric were unable to regain lost spells, but not too many had been used.

We moved out again in the morning and later we came upon a riparian bathing scene. A beautiful human female was bathing in the river. As we approached we set off a trap and were made weak and the cleric was knocked out.

The next few minutes were missed due to said unconciousness. This was probably for the best so that Fitzgerald did not have to hear his friends go on and on to this woman about his endeavours. Which, I can only assume, is what they did before kicking me awake again.

We spoke at length with the woman whom we learned is a daughter of the King of the South and is known as the Silver Lady. She had been tracking a group of werewolves whom they had driven from the south. When we asked if she was especially interested in the leader she told us she was not after “The Mistress of the Dragon” This made things of the last few adventures fall into place, especially why a black dragon was associated with a group of gnasty gnolls.

We also learned that the dragon is known as Asaphydraxis, the ruler of the Fens (this being the Witchlight Fens to the south)

This Mistress of the Dragon has not been the leader of these Lycanthropes that long, and her taking charges seems to coincide with this pack being more aggressive.

We furthermore learned that the four werewolves we found near the hillbilly hut were there to burn it and that the peaceniks had been taken away.

After much discussion it was determined that we would continue on to the Werewolf village. The Silver Lady did not accompany us, but did promise to release us into death quickly if we became were beings. (Nice lady)

We made our way back to the village where we found the hillbillies alive but captured, the mistress once again offered to make us part of the pack. We declined and combat ensued.

We fought 5 were wolves and the mistress. The wolves went down into Hades without too much of a fight, but the mistress used her vile magics upon us (note: These same spells when used by Bernard are no longer vile, but are instead wondrous. Ah, the advantage of being good!)

The mistress brought her eldritch lighting upon us and we were wounded. The Barbarian, looking taller, thinner and cleaner than last time, was actually hurt, which was a new thing. But he was healed and kept fighting. We saw that the leader had a staff on her that we had been searching for.

An air of weariness was surely stalking the woods for just as Fitzgerald was knocked out earlier in the day, the Mistress of the Dragon attacked us thrice and then took a nap.

At the same time, four more werewolves arrived to attack us but they were stifled.

As we continued to fight, Bernard moved forward and removed her head. We also noticed an amulet on her that flashed once her head was removed. Thus bearing her once again elven head he commanded the remaining werewolves to cease fighting and to attend to him.
They all resumed elven form.

We began to pack up the camp when we heard a horriffic roar from far off as Asaphydraxis learned of his mistress losing her head and roared in anguish (or perhaps in pleasure, who knows with dragons?)

Several of the werewolf/elves ran off on hearing this roar.

We returned to the elven village and found it destroyed in an acid bath. And our 200 silver along with it!

All together, not a bad adventure. We slew 9 Were Wolves, plus the mistress, we saved 4 hippies and perhaps earned the eternal enmity of a very powerful dragon. And we each got 150sp for our troubles and Bernard got the staff.


The Mistress was not an Elf, she was Human.

Wolvesbane, Dragonsbane, Headpain

Thanks. I forgot that bit.

Wolvesbane, Dragonsbane, Headpain

“Bernard got the staff.” Besides that being a perfect setup for a joke, it reminded me of the Jerry Reed song, “She got the goldmine, I got the shaft.”

Wolvesbane, Dragonsbane, Headpain

That is funny. When I was writing the log, I was reminded of the old C.W. McCall song (Convoy) and his 11 long haired Friends of Jesus, what with the 4 long haired friends of Nature.

Wolvesbane, Dragonsbane, Headpain
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