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The Gnolls and their MOOdy friend

We left Fallcrest and headed back to the gnolls hideout where our companions had been captured. With us were Bonk and Gronk, 2 Orogs from the mines.
On the way there, we met ande killed 4 gnolls. We then got to the hideout and killed another 9 gnolls. We were seriously wounded so we withdrew and returned to the large room. There were three ways out of the room. Way one was silent, way 2 had the sounds of barking and way three was the sound of metal on metal. We went down way three first.

We found our friends in cages with a minotaur jailer. Much fighting occurred and our Orog companions nearly died but we emerged VICTORIOUS. We then executed a very manly withdrawl back to Fallcrest to recover. The Orogs left to go back to the safer job of mining.

The next day we returned to the hideout and went down way one this time except we heard breathing.

The breathing was a massive black dragon!!! We executed a much less manly withdrawl and the cleric and dwarf nearly died. We took a short rest and went down way two.

There we found 6 more gnolls along with a gnoll shaman/wizardess and the gnoll leader.

In the first round the cleric hit the leader in the chest with a cross bow bolt for max damage. This would prove to be the last hit by a missle weapon for a long time.

The wizard quickly quickly put down 3 gnolls with an eldritch cloud. For his trouble we was attacked by the shaman.
The elf began the process of redoing the dungeon floor with arrows as he missed again and again.

The dwarf and the human fighter charged into combat, the human fighter doing quite well until being put down by the leader.

The Wizard took out 2 more gnolls and the dwarf killed the other.

This left the leader and the shaman (shawoman?)

Many shamanistic attacks and elf misses later, the dwarf killed the leader. The cleric had been reduce to doing nothing but healing the party. The wizard took out the gnolless, who put a whole new meaning the the term “dog wizard”

All together, we (with the Orogs at the first)killed 19 gnolls, 1 minotaur, 1 gnoll leader and one magic using bitch (in the literal sense)

We gained the following:
1 bone mask (leader)
1 set of chain mail (leader)
1 Great Axe (leader)
1 freaking Huge Axe (Minotaur)
19 long bows (gnolls)
19 battle axes (gnolls)
19 sets of leather armor (gnolls)


You forgot to mention that it’s name was Pat Minotaur.

The Gnolls and their MOOdy friend

True, because love was a battlefield

The Gnolls and their MOOdy friend
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