D&D Next play test

I know its only Rock n Gnoll but you're dead!

Four Men Enter, One Man Leaves

Upon returning to Fallcrest a portion of the party interested in earning some extra coin decided to eliminate the Gnolls in The Cloak Wood half a days ride west of town. Captain of the guard Nathan Faringray’s offer: 10 silver per Gnoll killed and a bonus of 200 silver for the death of the pack leader, proof being the presentation of the Bone Mask the lead Gnoll wears.

Early the next morning our brave adventurer set out from the Nentir Inn, west along the Kings Road.

Shortly after entering the wood the party was beset upon by a troll and after a quick but heated exchange the party continued in search of the Gnoll camp.

Outside of the encampment the group displaced a half a dozen skirmishers waiting in ambush but, not before alerting the rest of the Gnolls.

Into the depths of a ruined keep the four brave and financially motivated adventures. There they met fierce opposition one by one our heroes fell, Sir Sigmund first, then the monk, and shortly after the stalwart dwarf. Only after much hesitation the elven archer withdrew into the forest.


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