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Hillbillies and Howling

We decided to leave Fallcrest to head to the Grey Downs and Winterbole Forest to see what was going on regarding the lost staff and the renegade problems with the elves. Our companion the Monk decided to wander the world considering life after his experiences with the Gnolls and Minotaur. We were joined by a dwarven barbarian who seemed perhaps a bit touched. But, maybe all barbarians are that way.

We approached the Wood Elves woods and waited to be contacted. We did not have to wait long.

We were welcomed by the Wood Elves even with our surly dwarven friend.

We learned that some Elven youths were living an unnaproved life style that was not considered normal by the Elves. We agreed to go and look into it.

We found a small cabin with Hillbilly Elves who smoked wacky weed and screwed like bunnies. We thought that they were relatively harmless so we spent the night (after passing out from their herbs) planning to go on our way the next day. During the night we were awakened by the sounds of many howling animals and the sounds of them moving through and attacking something. We remembered being told that these elven youth were “stirring up” animals.

We left the next morning and headed into the direction where we thought

We can across the scene of an attack and found a silver dagger and bits of bodies. We continued on.

As we went through the woods we found a large group of elves in a small village with a variety of sentient races tied to polls. The matriatrch of the clan began talking loudly while our own elf was trying to get into the village.

As her voice crescendoed sher sliced a goblin’s throat and drank the blood. Then the village began to turn as their curse of lycanthropy showed itself.

We bravely ran away but were caught by 5 of the werewolves as the Cleric could not outrun them.

The fight was nasty as they could only be killed by silver and only the Cleric had a silver weapon, the dagger. The party dished out a great deal of damage as the Cleric downed two and the rest of the part one each. The elven archer and the dwarf barbarian each put out lots of damage with normal weapons as did the Wizard with magic.

Passing the silver dagger around like a hash pipe amoung elven hillbillies we managed to defeat the group.

We then bravely moved out but were intercepted by the martriarch and several other lycanthropes. They offered to make us were creatures and to join their pack. We turned them down and were allowed to leave on the condition that we never return. We agreed and returned to the normal elves (if such a thing exists) and almost immediately decided to break our promise and go back but first we must gain silvered weapons!

Next week: Wolvesbane or Howling Mad?


And there was much rejoicing.

Hillbillies and Howling
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