D&D Next play test

Arachnophyllic Shire Dwellers!

The adventure started with the Barbarian going swimming to try to retrieve the body of the elf who died last adventure. The same elf who started the fight by yelling “Hey, Midgets!” to a group of riled up dwarves. The barbarian pulled a Sean Bean and died on the attempt and we met up with landfill 2 and a second barbarian companion.

We decided to look for the evil halfling that had evaded us for so long. Not finding him outside Lowes we went to the old hideout.

Once we got there we found a few spiders. They were nasty but fairly readily dispatched.

That done, we heard noises from the mine. More spiders including a gigantic spider ridden by the alignment-challenged halfling.

The italian enough-rd then attacked us along with his 8 legged friends. A fierce fight ensued wherein we were attacked, damaged but we eventually overcame.

It is unknown, but suspected, that on their way back down the mine shaft on the way to hell that the uber-spider asked the halfling where we came from and the true midget answered that it was a RAID!!!!!


travcor cthulhubryan

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